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A High-Performance BCM Program Starts With You

A session by Michael Herrera
CEO & President , MHA Consulting, Inc.

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About this session

Developing a high-performance BCM program starts with you. As the leader, you’re responsible for the fate and direction of your program. The program’s success depends on your ability to guide your team’s current and future efforts. One of the most important things you must do is develop an understanding of your personal strengths and weaknesses, and then either improve your weak areas or delegate those tasks to other people.

There are many skills required to manage a BCM program. You must possess the relevant technical knowledge; be able to communicate at all levels of the organization; build relationships with stakeholders; sell your budget needs and risk concerns; eliminate roadblocks; manage people of various skillsets; and lead during a crisis.

This session will show attendees how to move beyond their tactical BCM skills to develop the management skills needed to lead their people and guide them to building a responsive and demonstrable recovery capability.

• In many cases, BCM programs fail due not to a poor methodology or approach but to the lack of good management.

• It’s vital that you understand what tasks you should handle yourself and what you should assign to the various members of your staff.

21 Days to a Stronger, Fitter BCM Program

In this MHA Consulting webinar, Michael Herrera will show you how to assess the fitness of your BCM program and plan for continued success. You already know the importance of planning ahead to protect your business in times of distress. Business continuity management (BCM)—the development of strategies, plans, and actions that provide protection for your business in the face of what could be seriously damaging or potentially fatal disruptive incidents—is a critical component of any company’s survival strategy, and the fact that you’re working to perfect your program demonstrates a high level of commitment to ensuring that your business—and all of its employees—are well-positioned to emerge from a disruption unscathed.

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Michael Herrera

Michael holds the designation of CBCP from the DRII, and a B.S. in Information Technology from Western International University. He worked at Bank of America for 14 years, serving as a Regional VP responsible for Business Continuity across the southwest region. Michael is well known as an industry leader, speaker and Subject Matter Expert.

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