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Applying Intelligence in Designing Teams: Selection & Development

A session by Larry Clements
Trainer, Strategist, Consultant & Coach , Founder / Shan Institute

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The Shan Institute will offer a free discovery session ($500 value) and determine a situational awareness profile for you organizational situation or needs assessment. This will include a good overview of your team or organization's current issues. We will help with some tools for prioritization and suggestions for how to attack largest issues moving forward.

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About this session

"We are far more than the sum of our parts, as a team we are far more than we can imagine alone." -Larry Clements CEO Shan Institute

There exists real danger if your team members are all alike. You might get things you know done a bit faster and then all hit the same obstacles with even greater force. SMACK!!!

Team selection and building is about intelligent design. Emotional intelligence, cultural awareness and much more than a skills checklist. Build a team of skills at your own peril.

Skills have little meaning where communication has broken down.

You want to pick a team that will make a difference? You have to look beyond the skill sets, you have to build a team of people.

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Larry Clements

Operational Excellence Consultant Training Consultant Executive Coach Business Strategist Dale Carnegie Dale Carnegie High Impact Presentation Dale Carnegie Sales Through Relationship Kepner-Tregoe PSDM (Problem Solving/Decision Making) Six Sigma

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