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Brian Nelson


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SUMMARY: Proven, energetic executive; entrepreneur; in-trepreneur; and strategic innovator for government, non-profit, and private sectors. Astute 'translator' between all sectors to find common language, align purpose, instill passion and achieve objectives. Experienced and proficient in leading and transforming multifaceted and multi-functional organizations. Developed or executed strategic vision, created innovative plans to achieve results. Inspired passion and cohesiveness in workforce resulting in creative problem-solving, critically thinking culture focused on excellence. Community builder. STRENGTHS: • Leadership: Passionate and Inspiring Leader • Human Capital Development, Building People • Operations: Execution, Service/Product Delivery, Innovative Solutions • Marketing: Resource Development, Creative Approaches • Building Coalitions and Partnerships • Communicating: Written and Oral 'translator', Consensus Builder • Following: Understand Leader's Vision and create innovative plans/initiatives to execute Strengths Finder 2.0 Themes 1. Activator 2. Futuristic 3. Positivity 4. Strategic 5. WOO (Win Others Over) Values in Action Signature Strengths 1. Creativity, Ingenuity, Originality 2. Zest, Enthusiasm, Energy 3. Curiosity and Interest in the World 4. Love of Learning 5. Humor and Playfulness Passionate, authentic speaker/trainer in leadership, personnel development, transition, veteran issues, animal rescue, fitness, wellness, education, diversity, inclusion, personal growth, resilience, foreign language, and community building.

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